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Today I would like to talk about a show that is now back on tv, that show is the walking dead. I saw this show from the  very beginning and now just about everyone knows about the show.

I believe this show is something that is a victim of twitter and social media. I believe if it were not for twitter this  show would  not be as popular. Nevertheless, this show is truly awesome. It has a lot of twists and turns and zombies just about every place you can think about. It starts with the main character in the hospital and he just woke up.

The bad part is that the world is now ran by zombies. He was in a coma and now  wakes up to a nightmare. Also, he does not know were his family is at because they are not at home.  I actually enjoy my tv more now that the sun does not give me a horrible glare, I got solar shades from Prime Solar Window Shades Online. The  bad part is that his best friend is having an affair with his wife because  they taught he was dead.

However, little by little the best friend shows his true colors and how much of a bad person he is. Later on the show you will grow not to like him.

I recommend that you start watching this show right away! Start from episode 1 and you will soon be caught up with the rest of us. Trust us you will not regret getting hooked on this show!







TV has evolved a lot in the past 10 years than it has ever evolved in the whole history of tv itself. Yea, there once days where tv did not even exist and then yes the glory days were there were tvs but face it black and white just doesn’t cut it now a days. It’s crazy to believe that all those years back just a white and black tv was considered a huge deal and it was like heaven to those people back then. Not only that but they only had 1 television in their houses so imagine everyone trying to change the channel and all of that. Oh wait, there were literally only like 3 different channels back then.

Nevertheless tv has evolved a lot now and we now find ourselves with too many options if you ask me. The owner of was telling me about the new 4K TV’s that and how he really want’s one for his locksmiths Austin TX lobby so his customers can enjoy. With dishes on their roofs, people can now watch like 1000 channels so there is always something on tv for everyone. Yep, gone are the days of books and radio. Although books still find their way but through another digital form in tablets and such things like that. Anyways, I really appreciate tv, from sports to history one can do everything with television now a days.

The craziest thing and I think the coolest thing now for tvs are 3d tvs. Yep, what once was like 1 movie showing in your local imax can now be brought to your own home so you can watch 3d in your couch guys. What I did notice when I bought my 3d is that blackout rooms are the best way to experience it. Meaning if you have light in your room it will ruining it. I learned this the hard way because I had solar shades at my house but it allows light inside so guess what? I had to install new blackout shades in the front of them to make up for this. But I was not done there, I had to install aluminum extrusions known as side guides on the side of the blackout shades in order to prevent light from coming through the sides, which sucked but made the 3d experience truly amazing. Then I could watch it with much more clarity and I loved it even more. I don’t know about you but I never thought I would one day own a 3d tv so I can only imagine what they will come up with next.

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I have now watched some more movies on my 3D TV and can still say that I absolutely love it! There are so many cool options with a smart tv. It’s crazy how literally a couple of years ago all the tvs were in black and white. Now we have ultra high definition and object popping out of the screen at you.

Where will technology take us? I’m not sure but I’m really excited to see were it goes. In other news, I can say I found my new favorite show on the TV. Just as important to the invention of the tv are these guys to web site design they are true pioneers over at Prime Miami Web Design Inc. go check them out! Its on showtime and the show is called Homeland.

It is about a POW that was held for 8 years. On TV I see a lot of locksmiths Orlando fl commercials, look at this website commercial. Unfortunately this prisoner was turned into a terrorist by the group that captured him. They basically brain wash him and there are many twists and turns which why I love the show so much. My favorite character from the show has to be Carry because she is so crazy yet so smart. Did you get to see the royal wedding and her wedding dresses that she choice?
Sometimes I feel sorry for her because the show misleads her and she thinks she is crazier than she really is. If you have spare time, then jump on your tv and watch homeland from the start. I just go a brand new TV and the first commercial i saw on it was one from blinds. And even if you don’t have a 3D Tv, I still suggest you watch it.